Empowering young individuals through inclusive skill-building, opportunities, and health initiatives for improved well-being.

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Join us in fueling the transformation of Agona Nsaba with our Youth Empowerment Hub.

With your monthly donations, you’re directly investing in the future of over 1,000 school children, teenagers, and young adults in the community.

You’re not just giving them resources; you’re offering them opportunities to thrive, grow, and make meaningful contributions to their own lives and their community.

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Where are going your donations?

Donations will cover administrative costs like salaries, utilities, and overheads crucial for program operations.

Investing in infrastructure upgrades to enhance learning environment & program effectiveness. This may include renovations, upgrades, or new equipment.

Funds will buy educational resources (books, computers, software), expand outreach, and improve activity quality.

Organizing skill workshops and training for youth’s personal and professional growth. Inviting guest speakers and specialists.

Investing in community engagement for youth: promoting social inclusion, diversity, and civic responsibility through service projects, cultural events, and awareness campaigns.

Allocating funds for recreational activities and outings that foster social interaction, team building, and personal development among youth participants. These activities build confidence, resilience, and interpersonal skills.

Implementing evaluation & monitoring mechanisms to assess program impact. Funds will support surveys, evaluations & data analysis for continuous improvement & donor/stakeholder accountability.

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