Our Mission

a different life is a non-profit organization supporting sustainable health and educational projects in low- and middle-income countries.

We are an open book

Transparency and accountability  are our highest values. You can always check our latest annual and financial reports – there are no secrets.

100% goes to the field

Dedicated donors cover our administrative costs so that 100% of your donation goes straight to our projects. It’s as simple as that.

You can follow each project

We make an extra effort to show you each step we take in the project fulfillment. You can follow the process from the start until the end.

Get To Know

Us Who is behind a different life? That is a tough question to answer because so many people make up our NGO. The wonder woman behind all of it and the founder of our organization is Natalie. After years of experience working in different low- and middle-income countries, she returned to her home country with the mission to support impactful projects. Together with a small but motivated team, a different life was founded in 2014.

Who are the other superstars? Beate takes care of our finances, while Evelyn actively helps with carrying out our own fundraising activities. Marion is great in organizing donations-in-kind while Wolfgang is hosting our meetings and taking care of incoming mail. We’re also lucky to have Seth on our team who helps us analyze the sustainability of projects and always leads us back on the right track whenever we journey off.

People often think of helping as an action. But we think of it as a state of the heart.

Together We Are Stronger

But we are not the heroes of our own story, not at all. The main characters of our work are our project partners who make the actual work happen on the ground. You might have read it elsewhere on our page already: All our projects are carried out with local organizations who know the needs of their communities best. We plan, develop and carry out the projects together with them. And whenever we can, we try to involve locals from the community to be part as well – sometimes as volunteers, other times as paid help, depending on the situation.

Year by year, more people have joined and made our work even more impactful. We’ve had people collect donations on their wedding dates, others pledge their birthdays, again others get crafty and design products that we then sell in exchange of a donation to one of our projects. Thank you all ♥

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