From 2014 until 2019, we supported various educational & health organisations in carrying out big projects, sponsoring some of their events or handing over much needed donations-in-kind. We’ve also partnered with local NGOs and offered dental & health screenings, or helped for their own ongoing fundraising activities.

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Dry Toilets & Hygiene Training for over 300 School Children in Ghana

In 2018/2019, we actively supported the organization “Non-Water Sanitation” and collaborated with the Student Union Mafi Adiekpe on a significant project aimed at establishing sustainable sanitary facilities in a rural school within the Volta Region of Ghana.

We successfully raised funds to facilitate the provision of sanitary facilities for 300 students, emphasize the crucial role of proper sanitation, and bring awareness on hygiene practices. The primary objective is to reduce absenteeism rates, caused by illness or menstruation, and consequently, enhance the prospects of receiving a quality education.

This initiative not only addresses a critical need but also empowers both youth and adults within the community by actively involving them in the process. Our commitment extends beyond the immediate impact, seeking to create a lasting positive influence on the well-being and education of the community members, by fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility for sustaining these essential facilities.

Mafi Adiekpe Dry Toilet Facilities
Mafi Adiekpe Dry Toilet Facility Opening


Establishment of a Life-Saving Blood Donation Center in Guinea Bissau

To enable complex surgeries at the Madrugada clinic in Bissau, Guinea Bissau’s capital, A Different Life provided vital support in 2017/2018. Our donation facilitated the establishment of a life-saving blood donation and transfusion center, complete with a blood storage unit, donation kits, grouping and cross-matching kits, HIV test kits, as well as Hepatitis B and C test kits.

This initiative enables efficient blood donation, along with comprehensive testing for blood types, HIV, Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis, and Malaria. The collected “good blood” is then stored for future use in surgical procedures. By enhancing the clinic’s capabilities, we aim to make a positive impact on healthcare accessibility and surgical outcomes in the region.

Madrugada Guinea Bissau Clinic
Madrugada Guinea Bissau Blood Donation Center
Madrugada Guinea Bissau Blood Donation Center Tools


A boarding school as new safety for orphans in Tanzania

After rescuing over 60 children from distressing conditions in an orphanage, the “Kilimanjaro Children’s Fund”, an organization previously partnered with by A Different Life in 2014, successfully relocated most of them to a secure environment.

In 2016/2017, our support continued as we made a donation to cover the annual school fees of 7 children. This ensured their enrollment in a boarding school providing high-quality education, contributing to their well-being and educational development.

Tanzania Boarding School With Students
Tanzania Boarding School Fundraising For Students


A shelter for teenage orphans in Kyrgyzstan

The Farm in Rotfront, Kyrgyzstan provides refuge and employment for teenage orphans who have left orphanages and lack a home. The focus is on teaching older orphans essential farm management skills to ensure the project’s sustainability.

In 2015/2016, A Different Life contributed to the farm’s progress by renovating the farmhouse roof, constructing a summer barn, erecting a protective compound wall, and providing essential resources such as livestock and a milking machine. These efforts aim to enhance the farm’s capabilities and support the livelihoods of the teenage orphans involved.

Kyrgyzstan Farm Project Construction on House
Kyrgyzstan Farm Project Summer Barn


Developments of an orphanage in Tanzania

A Different Life spearheaded fundraising efforts to furnish and expand the new building of the Mabogini Orphanage in Mabogini, Tanzania. The facility is designed to accommodate approximately 50 orphans, offering them a shelter and a nurturing home.

The raised funds were utilized to acquire bunk beds, mattresses, bed sheets, and pillows. Additionally, part of the donations went towards the construction of an outdoor pavilion, providing a shaded sitting area for the residents. These improvements contribute to creating a comfortable and supportive environment for the orphans at the Mabogini Orphanage.

Mabogini Orphanage Furniture in Bedrooms
Mabogini Orphanage Constructions