Creating a supportive and inclusive environment where young individuals can access IT training, sewing workshops, library resources and recreational activities, and reproductive and sexual health care services.

We are an open book

Transparency and accountability are core to our values. We engage our community and sponsors through open communication and regular updates.

100% goes to the field

With passionate dedication, we fulfil our purpose and create a meaningful impact. 100% of your donation goes directly supports our projects.

You can follow each project

We make an extra effort to show you each step we take in the project fulfillment. You can follow the process from the start until the end.

Get To Know Us

Established in 2014, A Different Life is a Germany-based NGO that operates as a non-governmental, non-profit organization supporting education and health projects primarily in the global south.

Over the years, we have successfully supported various initiatives, such as Dry Toilets & Hygiene Training for school children in Ghana, Blood Donation Center in Guinea Bissau, a boarding school, and shelter for teenage orphans in Tanzania and Kyrgyzstan respectively.

During our 2019 annual board meeting, we decided  together with our daughter NGO – A Different Life Ghana, to launch a youth program in Agona Nsaba, located in the Agona East district of Ghana, due to the pressing need for additional infrastructure to provide formal and informal learning opportunities for young people.  

Natalie in Project in Tanzania

Our Approach

Safe space

  • Open communication
  • Zero discrimination
  • Confidentiality and Trust
  • Establish clear guidelines


  • Foster Leadership skills
  • Promote critical thinking
  •  Mentorship
  • Foster self-confidence


  • Community engagement
  • Capacity building
  • Networking and partnership
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Proving it

  • Celebrating achievements
  • Providing proof in reports and articles
  • Knowledge sharing

Dr. Natalie Abrokwa

Founder & Chairperson

Dr. Seth Kofi Abrokwa


Beate Schuck

Co-founder & Treasurer

Richmond Nii Acquaye

Project Co-ordinator 

Together We Are Stronger

We are not the heroes of our own story. The main characters are our local partners and community members on the ground, through whom we have gained understanding of the needs of young individuals in Agona Nsaba. Together, we have strategize, develop, and execute this program. Moreover, we strive to actively involve the community, whether as volunteers or through paid assistance, whenever possible.

Other unsung heroes are our members who support us on a regular basis as well as our sponsor over the years. As the years have passed, an increasing number of individuals have joined us, amplifying the impact of our work. Some have fundraised on their wedding days, while others have dedicated their birthdays to our cause. We have also seen individuals selling custom-designed products, with the proceeds being donated to our initiatives.

Thank you all ♥

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