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We want to improve the life circumstances of people in developing countries, who life such a different life than us, by offering them financial, material and physical support.

It is important to us that we only work together with local organizations - they know best what their own people need and the struggles they fight.


Our goal is, to support many organizations in developing countries, in which we believe. We want to support their own projects and set up projects with them to make the lives of their communities easier.

How we do it

Fundraising Activities

With different fundraising activities, we want to raise awareness among our society about the “different lives” of people in developing countries. We organize our own charity events or try to be part in charity events around the country to raise funds while delivering a message.

100% model

We believe in the 100% model. If you donate 1 cent (or more), it will go straight into a project of one of our partners. All our administration costs are covered privately - even our daily dose of chocolate that keeps us going.

Help us today

You want to help us touch and improve lives in developing countries but you just don't know how? Then take a second to say hi or meet up with us. We always love to hear back from you!